Pixy Font


Free low res font for retro games and small displays. Comes in 5px by 8px and 5px by 10px styles. Lowercase letters with descenders do extend up to 3px below the grid so keep that in mind when using with low resolution displays.


Achievement Template PSD


Free Achievement Template PSD for your Dungeons & Dragons campaign. To change the colors simply use the Hue/Saturation sliders.

Here are some examples of achievements you could make. I recommend looking for icons at the Noun Project and swapping out fonts at

Update: My friend Scott Tolksdorf made a web based tool for generating these badges. Check it out at Natural Crit.

Drop Cap “A”

Asset 3fdsfds

Free drop cap of the letter “A”. I plan on posting B through Z eventually, but for now you’ll have to start a lot of posts with “A” words.