Build Yourself a Free Logo in Under Ten Minutes

So you don’t have a logo. Or worse, you do have a logo, but it sucks. Never fear! That means there’s just lots of room for improvement. It’s time to open up your favorite graphics editor and slap together a masterpiece.

This is not an elaborate tutorial that requires any particular software. Rather, it is a very general solution to a common problem that can be implemented using various graphics tools.

Some free tools include InkscapeGimp and Paint.NET; inexpensive tools include Sketch ($99) and Pixelmator ($29.99).


Step 1: Circle or Square?

Pick one: circle or square. If you can’t decide I’ll pick for you.

…You picked circle!


Step 2: Typography

Here comes the hard part. Go on Font Squirrel and choose a typeface. They are all free for commercial use so knock yourself out. If you are having trouble I suggest Fira Sans, Crimson or Bitter. For my example I’ll use Bitter because I like a serif that looks edible.

Now drop the first letter of your company name into your shape:

Then add your full company name after it:


Step 3: Color

There are way too many colors to choose from—millions in fact—so I’ll narrow down the options down for you:







You’re done!

Stand back and admire your beautiful creation.

Blowing the Budget: Vector Icons

Go to The Noun Project and search for an icon that matches your product well. Pull out your wallet and drop $1.99 on that thing.

Lettermark and word mark colored icon.png

Remember that it’s much more important that your logo look good by demonstrating simple design principles than for it be overly unique or descriptive. An amateur logo will cost you credibility in proportion with its ambition. This method will be successful because it limits your ambition to a narrow, proven path.

If you want a logo perfectly suited to your product or service I highly recommend either studying design seriously or hiring a professional to make it for you.